About Libros Media

Who is Libros Media?

Libros Media was started in New Zealand in 2004 by friends Mark Ling and Jason Oxenham, with the intention of selling downloadable products on-line. When they first started working out the details they found that what they were after just wasnt available. So, true to the spirit of Kiwi ingenuity, they made it themselves. While not quite #8 wire and fence posts, Libros Media is a fine example of the Kiwi do-it-yourself attitude.

Right from the start the language sites were really popular. Jason and Mark realized they were on to a winner and Rocket Languages was born. Starting with Spanish, they quickly developed a stable of innovative downloadable learning resources. To date there are 20 courses, from beginners to advanced, covering 10 languages including American Sign Language, and over 1,000,000 users!

Rocket Languages ongoing mission is to produce the world’s most popular, innovative and effective online language learning courses, and to provide customers with exceptional service that exceeds their expectations.

Today, true blue Kiwi pioneers that they are, Libros Media are embarking on the next stage of their language journey.

With Jetset Spanish a new era of interactive video-based learning gets underway. Libros listened to their customers and came up with a learning system that really puts the learner where the action is.

The Libros Media Vision

Libros Media has quite a simple vision for the next 5 years, to be the best. That means providing exceptional products alongside incomparable service in all areas from customer support to websites to marketing. Libros want every visitor to become a Rocket Languages friend for life.


Our Values

Ready to Handle the Jandal

This is a Kiwi saying that means "ready to do what it takes?" Libros Media are ready to do what it takes to get the job done for their customers.

O for Awesome in Everything We Do

David Tua, New Zealand's best boxer, was on a game show where the contestants had to choose a letter; he chose … you guessed it, "O for Awesome". For Libros Media O for Awesome means having a world class in our approach to everything we do.

Change is Choice (bro!)

"Choice" is a Kiwi word for excellent. "Change is choice" reflects Libros Media’s constant mission to be innovators and leaders in their field.

Keep on learning

This is not Kiwi, it is universal. For Libros this statement affirms that we value learning and value people who are interested in growth.

Everyone on the same Waka

A Waka is a Maori war canoe. In the fast moving Libros Media environment everyone has to be rowing in the same direction to achieve the high standards set by their vision.

To make a positive difference

We want to make a positive difference to all things that we touch; including site visitors, customers, staff, and our products and processes.